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If you are like most people with vitiligo, you struggle with the emotional impact of vitiligo. But you are not alone.

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The I Have Vitiligo Blog

Vitiligo and Self-Esteem

Vitiligo is so much more than some spots on the skin because it may deeply affect self-esteem. If you have vitiligo, then you know that vitiligo has a set of emotional symptoms and these symptoms are especially frustrating. Shame, embarrassment, anxiety, fear, are all a result of vitiligo and the changes vitiligo represents: How will vitiligo … [Read More...]

Civil Rights and Vitiligo: Part 3

What can we do to combat discrimination against people with vitiligo? Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Martin Luther King, Jr. Perhaps you have never been discriminated against because of vitiligo. Perhaps you have been ignored or mistreated but simply overlooked the issue. Perhaps you have been mistreated, bullied, or … [Read More...]

Civil Rights and Vitiligo – Part 2:

Why do people discriminate against people with vitiligo? For those of us that have vitiligo, the fear of rejection because of vitiligo goes to our very core. It’s on our minds, it’s in our hearts, it comes across in our actions. One of my readers writes: I have had several bad relationships with guys who never truly accepted me or my … [Read More...]

Civil Rights and Vitiligo – Part 1

Why is it that so many people don’t know what vitiligo is? How many of us learn about vitiligo after the fact, after our diagnosis? Vitiligo isn’t common knowledge. It’s one of those things we all must confront as we consider the ramifications of a small little spot of depigmented skin that will most likely grow. Even with people like Michael … [Read More...]

Nick Vujicic – An Example of Courage

Imagine that for a moment, you did not have vitiligo. But instead of vitiligo, you had no arms and no legs. Would you life be better or worse than it is now? And why? Meet Nick: Nicholas James "Nick" Vujicic is a Serbian Australian Christian evangelist and motivational speaker born with tetra-amelia syndrome, a rare disorder characterized by … [Read More...]

Vitiligo Correlations: Gluten and Autoimmune diseases

One of the first things I tell people that have been diagnosed with vitiligo is that there may be a vitiligo correlation between a gluten intolerance and the spread of their disease. Do I have proof? No. But I strongly suspect that food allergies contribute to the worsening of vitiligo even if food allergies are not the direct cause. Food … [Read More...]

Vitiligo Success Stories

There are so many vitiligo success stories and I am one of them. I am proud to say that vitiligo no longer holds sway over my life and choices. And I believe this is possible for everyone that has vitiligo. My vitiligo success story is perhaps a bit different than you might expect. I have had vitiligo for just over ten years now. It has slowly … [Read More...]

Does vitiligo go away? Part 1

The easy answer is: Yes, it does. But how and when vitiligo goes away is complex issue that's different for everyone. Vitiligo is an auto-immune disease and is not understood all that well. Progress is being made but a real medical vitiligo cure currently available.  This post is an overview of the known options. More specific information is … [Read More...]

She said my vitiligo looked better

The other day I was reconnecting with a former co-worker. We had a really nice time catching up and work, people we know, careers and such. Nice time. Good food. Good talk. Then, towards the end of the lunch my friend mentioned that my vitiligo was looking better. … [Read More...]

Healthy habits and vitiligo

One of my struggles is keeping a healthy self-image. Having vitiligo makes it easy to believe I am less than I am. Two skin colors is not the norm and this fact at times to my feelings of being non-normal, of being ugly, of being unattractive. I have learned that through healthy physical habits, I develop healthy mental habits. By learning … [Read More...]

It doesn’t get easier, but it does get better.

The other day I was thinking about my parents. They have been married for almost 40 years. 40 years. Thats a long time to me. They have been married for longer than I have been alive. Isn't that amazing? I was thinking about all they have been through. I know raising me could not have been easy but they did it and they tell me raising … [Read More...]

Mountain Biking with vitiligo

Over the past few months I have been mountain biking. A client of mine gifted me his bike. Its been great fun. I love it flying down a hill. I love working up hill. Tracking my time, beating my time, feeling the burn, feeling the rush. There is a preserve near where I live and I get up there a couple times a week to clear my head, burn … [Read More...]

Avoiding pain and having vitiligo

Who likes pain? Who likes discomfort? Who likes awkwardness? Who likes feeling uncomfortable? You do. Well I do. I have learned to love pain and discomfort and awkwardness and the uncomfortable. Why do I love these feelings? These feelings have brought about the most significant learnings and growth that I am aware of. Last year I started … [Read More...]

Going to the doctors for the first time for vitiligo

It was in May of 2006 that I realized I had vitiligo. In fact I had vitiligo before that point but I had not come to the conclusion that I do indeed have vitiligo. The feeling of dread was real. Though at that point I had no idea how fast the disease would progress. It took me almost a year to call a dermatologist and schedule an appointment. … [Read More...]